About Us

Corporate Profile

Established in 1999, Earth is an acronym for Environmental and Remedial Treatment for Hydrocarbons. We offer the highest standards of quality products and services to manage complex challenges arising from oil refining operations.

Earth is a limited liability company operating in the greater Caribbean and the Middle East. With a holistic approach to every aspect of our business, we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients. Our deep knowledge and experience of worldwide health, environmental and regulatory requirements, serve to keep us abreast of the diversified and technological advancement of our systems and the companies we represent. This enables us to offer more cost effective, informed and energy-efficient solutions to our customers.

We aim to collaborate with our partners to build capacity, capability and ownership of the systematic management of the environment and production optimization. We continue to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions for everyday environmental problems faced by the oil and petrochemical industries.

By focusing on team alignment, fiscal responsibility, continuous learning and the development of our clients and our people, we are proud to play our vital role as problem solvers and creators of new possibilities.


To create new possibilities



To build ownership and alignment with all stakeholders to manage the environment and optimize production


  • Collaboration - “Understanding, supporting and appreciating one other”
  • Leadership  - “Inspiring the industry to expand every possibility”
  • Trust - “Fulfilling our commitments and honouring our responsibilities”