Energy Management


Earth’s alliance with FlyBack Energy adds to our Service portfolio with Energy Management. Flyback Energy has developed and patented a breakthrough Magnetic Energy Recovery (MER) technology that dramatically improves one of the most fundamental components of today’s economy: the conversion, control, and conservation of electricity in inductive electrical circuits and equipment. Our technology is effective in many types of induction circuits and we have focused our initial product efforts on saving energy in high intensity discharge (HID) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting circuits.

FlyBack Energy’s first product, the L8000 lighting current control switch, using MER, is the first new, and truly innovative, technology to be applied to the energy management of HID/HPS lighting in several years. Our intelligent Lighting Energy Saver (iLES) L8000 competes with three different approaches that are traditionally used to reduce the power consumption of HID/HPS ballasts and lamps.