Earth designs Waste Treatment Systems that address the Client’s requirements. These Treatment Systems are either turn-key or are added into the client’s existing processes.

Electro-coagulation Treatment System

This technology affects a wide range of contaminants at high concentrations without generating hazardous sludge or residue that requires further treatment. The electro-coagulation process marketed by Earth is based on responses of water contaminants to strong electric fields and electrically induced oxidation and reduction reactions. Ninety-nine percent of heavy metal cat-ions and micro-organisms in the water are removed. Precipitation of charged colloids and significant amounts of other ions, colloids and emulsions are also treated.

Vacuum Tower Clarification

Vacuum clarification is an advanced secondary treatment operation to separate solids. The basis upon which vacuum clarification operates is that of barometric differentiation. The effect of “stretching” liquids and the enhancement of gravity results in:

  1. Elimination or separation of dissolved gases contained within the liquids
  2. Dehydration of liquids
  3. Separated solids or particulates tend to de-water, following settling/separation