Zero Oil Flaring Treatment System

This system is used as part of the operations on a producing oil well to restore or increase production. This treatment system treats the flow back well effluent such that solids and water are separated and treated to the desired specification for overboard discharge, achieving zero oil flaring in the process.

Zero Oil Flaring Process


Zer Oil Flaring

The Challenge

Earth’s challenge was to solve the waste management concerns of our client in Saudi Arabia that arose from stimulation treatment of wells designed to boost production. The well flow back effluent after simulation consisted of gas, oil, water, oily solids and oil-water emulsions. All well flow back effluent was flared. This practice contributed greatly to air pollution (due to by-products of combustion) and water pollution (due to solids drop out and inefficient flaring).

The Solution

Earth’s solution was to design a system that separated all these components and then treat the oily solids so that they could be disposed off as per environmental regulations. The solution consisted of:

  1. EC 103 Emulsion Breaker: Utilized to break all oil-water emulsions resulting in efficient separation of oil and water.
  2. Dynamic Solid Removal and Waste Treatment System: This technology enabled the removal of ALL solids from the effluent.
  3. EC 101 Cuttings Wash: This product was used to wash the oily solids in the Waste Treatment System to reduce the retained oil levels down to environmental standards for dumping offshore or burial onshore.

The Result

The Zero Oil Flaring Treatment System was successfully employed in over 16 wells, including H2S enriched wells. No flare was lit to combust any oil. The table below gives an overview of the results achieved: