Drilling Fluid Additives

With operations in all production areas, our strategic partner Catena offers a variety of state-of-the-art products and services. The company has developed a number of technologies, including methods for removal of H2S on line with production/testing, specialized chemicals for drilling operations as well as new products for oil spill control.  All products have an excellent track record in Brazil, being field tested and approved by Petrobras.

Our Alliance partner CATENA manufactures a number of high performance additives for drilling fluids:

  1. Torque reducers and extreme pressure lubricants for water based drilling fluids;
  2. Emulsifiers for synthetic fluids;
  3. Filtrate reducers for reverse emulsion drilling fluids;
  4. High temperature filtrate reducers for reverse emulsion drilling fluids;
  5. Viscosifiers for reverse emulsion drilling fluids;
  6. Viscosity reducers / wetting agents;
  7. Drill pipe corrosion inhibitors.

For additional data and contact information please visit www.catenachemicals.com

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