Enzyme Technology

The EC line of enzyme products is a100% water soluble, non-toxic, and non-hazardous and a non-flammable mixture of organic compounds and enzymes that form a very effective degreaser and cleaning agent. We are the sole distributor of EC products in the Caribbean and Latin America. The Ministry of Energy approves these products and they include, but are not limited to:

EC 101 - Cuttings Wash

This water-based product reduces hydrocarbon contamination from 27% to 0.05%. It treats synthetic oil based mud and non-aqueous drilling fluids contamination on drill cuttings allowing immediate discharge into the ocean on offshore drilling rigs.

EC 102 - Tank Cleaner

This product breaks the thickness of even the heaviest sludge, creating a temporary emulsion that breaks down to form a mixture of crude oil, water and particulates that are easily separable. This results in the easy recovery of reclaimed hydrocarbons for re-sale.

EC 103 - Emulsion Breaker

This product is used for breaking three phase emulsions (drilling mud, for example) or emulsions created by varying inter-solvent valence dependencies. This allows easy separation of hydrocarbons, water, and solids.

EC 106 - Viscosity Reducer

This product was designed to cut long chain hydrocarbons at specific receptor sights resulting in a permanent reduction in thickness of treated hydrocarbons, without the use of heat or crystal modifiers. This product is a water-based, enzyme product and as such does not change the chemical characteristics of the crude oil produced.


This product is designed to release paraffin and asphaltene build-up in the well bore, screens, liners, down hole pumps, valves, tubing, annulus and flow lines without well intervention. This results in increased production rates and lower operating costs.

EC 300 - Heavy Duty Degreaser

This product is designed to affect phase separation and the removal of extra-heavy weathered crude oil contamination.