Arnim Ramsey - Chief Executive Officer

With a winning combination of leadership, passion and business acumen, Arnim Ramsey brings profound promise to Earth. His smart-solution approach to business challenges has already brought tremendous success to the company. As the Marketing Manager for Trinidad Service Company one of his major achievements was to introduce and market Chevron Lubricant throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Arnim’s extensive experience with finance and accounting makes him the right person to be entrusted with all contract negotiations for the Company. This experience is complemented with 15 years of management experience in the oilfield industry, which has translated in to many successful JV agreements undertaken by the organization. His formal training in marketing adds to his skill set, which he well utilises in strategic planning and optimization of business resources.

Duane Ragbir - Technical Director

Duane has an academic background in chemical engineering, which explains why safe and intelligent systems are his forte. He is responsible for the chemical design and bulk production of Earth’s EC range of products as well as the design and maintenance of the proprietary equipment. Duane’s responsibilities include leading the operations department, the company’s blending plant operations and strategic planning for technical services and personnel. His previous experience at the Trinidad and Tobago Methanol plant at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate has qualified him to supervise major plant overhauls, plant turnarounds and maintenance schedules.

Dion Marchan - Managing Director

With his vision to improve our environment through safe, innovative and new technologies, Dion took a leap of faith to form Earth. Since the inception of the company, Dion played a pivotal role in the planning, design and coordination of Earth’s key projects. Some of his significant contributions include the design, planning, manufacture and operation of the prototype Helium gas-testing unit, Chill Time, which he developed during his tenure at Operational Support Services Co. Ltd. This remains the only remote gas-testing unit for well-bore production strings in the world.

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