The ILOOP system (Intelligent Loop) is an automated, close loop flow back fluid treatment system. It ensures zero H2S (hydrogen sulphide) is discharged on surface. By mitigating H2S on surface, personnel are not at risk due to process upsets and the fluid can be stored safely.

The ILOOP system optimizes chemical treatment and safeguards against H2S fluctuations by real time automated sampling and testing and instantaneous feedback to the dosing pumps. It also reduces residence time for the chemicals to condition the fluid. In addition to the H2S treatment, the ILOOP system can also condition the fluid by:

  1. Viscosity Reduction
  2. Breaking of Emulsions
  3. Fluid Neutralization
  4. Gas Hydrate Treatment

The fluid conditioning is done as per client requirement.

The ILOOP system has been presented in SPE Conferences. The publication is SPE-156609-MS ‘Saudi Arabia’s Artificial Island Wells: Smart Thinking, Huge Rewards for Smokeless Flow back Option’.

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