Earth offers a high performance H2S scavengers for different applications.


An oil soluble H2S scavenger used mainly in treating sour oil and gas systems. The product features an instantaneous reaction with hydrogen sulfide and is very effective even at low dosage rates.


This water based H2S scavenger is designed specifically to work both in sour gas and sour aqueous systems. This product outcasts from the other ones in the market where environmental, safety and health issues are a concern in addition to the requisite for high efficiency, especially on offshore installations, where storage space for chemicals is limited and HSE care are of extreme importance.

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Its exclusive formulation was developed to give Sulfa Zero a number of unparalleled features, like:

  • High performance with reduced amount of chemical
  • Unbeatable cost performance
  • Biodegradability

In addition to being biodegradable, CATENA GS-5GW is totally HSE friendly. The product is completely safe for the health of workers and to the environment.

In sour water or high BSW systems, the product can be used through continuous injection or batch treatment; for sour gas systems, it can be used in continuous injection or in gas washing towers.
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