Our waste management, consulting and planning are designed for the treatment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial and petrochemical waste as well as recycling services for most materials including:

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Waste Removal

We treat and remove waste that can potentially cause contamination such as drill cuttings, contaminated soils, base sediments, produced water, drilling fluids and waste oil.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Using the latest technology, we treat and or remove hazardous waste such as Barite and Bentonite, Acids and Alkalis, Spent chemicals, Asbestos, Paint cans and Brushes.


We are able to incinerate materials and substances without adverse effects to the environment such as hydrocarbon based fluids, oil- contaminated absorbent pads, rags, vegetation, booms and socks.


To reduce the waste stream by up to 80%, we remove all recyclable materials such as fluorescent bulbs, aerosol cans, computers, electronics and tyre web.


Any non-hazardous waste that cannot be treated using the above processes (white waste, plastics) can be sent to an approved landfill facility.

Oil/Water Separation

Our units separate immiscible liquids without high chemical overheads and zero impact to the environment.

Oil-Spill Recovery

Earth designs, manufactures and supplies pollution control equipment that are specific to the control and clean up of oil spills.

Pit Lining

Pit Lining is offered as an additional service to onshore drilling rigs in association with the Cuttings Wash Treatment System. The polyethylene lining of the drilling pit ensures that all drilling fluids remain separated from the surrounding area.
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